Rat (Roadent) Control Service

We are doing this treatment by adopting different type of method like Baiting Treatment, Tablet Treatment, Fumigation in Burrows, Trapping, Glue Board, Rhoda Boxes etc. both inside and outside of the building. The most dangerous enemy of human being rodent spreads fatal diseases like Plague, Salmonellas, various types of fever etc., and so they need to be completely destroyed and / or kept Away from premises like offices. The general way to get rid of these enemies are to refuse entry and shelter to them in the premises, but over and above these it is most important to destroy them. Going step to step, to prevent entry, we may suggest you some preventive steps like to tightly seal the holes and narrow passages wherefrom rodents may enter. The principal step to destroy them shall be taken by us by using highly concentrated baits which are safe to mankind but hazardous to rodents.